The quest for beauty, quality and well-being as a lifestyle

The harmony of the Tuscan land makes the perfect scenery for the countless expressions of human wits.
Arts, flavors, culture and beauty are not only a heritage we got from our past, but also make the basis of people from Tuscany's research for beauty and wellbeing.

In the Tuscan countryside around Siena, some elements of our way of being are tightly tied to our identity: olive oil is one of these.

Olive oil expresses our research for something so harmonious to enhance any flavor, something that is profoundly rooted in Mediterranean identity and finds its most intense expression in Tuscany. Man's health can benefit tremendously from olive oil properties, which are perfectly known for ages: ancients studied and even venerated its properties and effects.

The incredible properties of olive oil

Scientific research has certified the healthy qualities of extra virgin olive oil with several studies: it helps in preventing health issues such as cardiovascular, neoplastic and neurodegenerative diseases.

Extra virgin olive oil protects heart and arteries, slows down the brain aging process, wards off arteriosclerosis, cancer and cell damage, lowers the "bad" cholesterol level (LDL) and increases the "good" cholesterol (HDL).

Similar to breast milk in its acidic composition, olive oil has long been suggested as one of the best foods for weaning. It is also so useful for the elderly, since it promotes the absorption and mineralisation of calcium, thus preventing osteoporosis.

Food and Drug Administration has give also its consent to the integration of the olive oil labels with a very important strip of text: qualified health claim. It is the clear sign of the recognition of olive oil's power to decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases.