Olio del Capùnto
Fruit of our lands, pride of our family
We want to be able to say "I made it!" with all the pride and commitment to offer an exceptional olive oil. That's why we decided to manage the whole process of the olive oil making and delivery. Our companies grow the olive trees, mill their fruits and pack the oil, right to the moment when it is delivered to your doorstep.
“L’olio è una de le quattro cose più necessarie a la vita dell’uomo”

Statuto del Comune di Siena – 1428
La Toscana è forse la più grande terra da olio italiana. È nella campagna di Siena che si producono oli tra i migliori della Toscana.

We're not the only ones to declare it: our product undergoes several controls to be compliant with the procedural guideline of the Consortium for the protection of Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP. That means that we have to guarantee that our olive oil is entirely made in Tuscany, a high-quality Tuscan olive oil.

You can check it yourself!

Each bottle of PGI Toscano Olio del Capùnto bears a mark with a unique code, which encloses everything you need to know about that very olive oil you bought. You just need to type in the code on the traceability page on the Consortium's website( www.oliotoscanoigp.it ).

It's our olive oil: Made in Italy, from plantation to harvest
La raccolta nei nostri oliveti inizia di solito a metà ottobre. Occorre operare celermente per sfruttare questo periodo, quando il frutto non è troppo maturo e da il meglio di sé. Per questo utilizziamo sistemi di raccolta innovativi che garantiscono rapidità di esecuzione e integrità delle olive.

Using innovative harvesting systems makes it easy for us to harvest and mill them within 12 hours. When the olives get to the mill they are worked in a controlled atmosphere and only by mechanical means.

Melting our 40-year-long experience and the latest technologies, we are able to create an exceptional olive oil, both for its nutritional and taste properties.

The body, the aroma and the precious organoleptic features of the Extra Virgin olive oil Olio del Capùnto earned us several prizes. An undeniable sign of its superior quality.

2014 – Vincitore Gold Medal

2013 – Vincitore Gold Medal

2010 – Selezione Olio di Qualità

2021 – 96/100

2020 – 96/100

2019 – 95/100

2018 – 95/100

2017 – 95/100

2016 –95/100

2015 – 94/100

2014 – 92/100

2013 – 92/100

2019 – Gold Label

2018 – Gold Label

2017 – Honorable Mention

2019 – Selezione degli oli extravergine di oliva DOP e IGP / Menzione Speciale “Selezione Origine”

2014 – Selezione degli oli extravergine di oliva DOP e IGP / score 78.45

2013 – Selezione degli oli extravergine di oliva DOP e IGP / score 84.92

2012 – Selezione degli oli extravergine di oliva DOP e IGP / score 89.75

2019 – Finalist

2015 – Premium List

2014 – Finalist


2012 – Finalist

2011 – Finalist

2019 – Tre Gocce Qualità

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We only grow olive trees in the area around Siena, where hills reach an altitude between 200 and 400 metres. The cultivars farmed are all included in the procedural guideline of the Consortium for the Protection of Tuscan Olive Oil. The fruits must be harvested at the minimum of their ripeness, that's why we start on mid-October.

Olives are harvested mechanically with an electric shaker and by shaking the trunk in the specialized olive plantation, while in the intensive plantations we do over-the-row harvesting.

Extraction is performed in a low-temperature ambiance and in a very short time after harvesting.

The olive oil is stored in stainless steel, vacuum-sealed tins and, finally, packed in opaque, noble gas-filled tins, so as to avoid contact with oxygen and preserve its quality in time.